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Me siento bien desnuda cuando estoy sola, cuando duermo sentir las sabanas, caminar descalza, experimentar con las manos diferentes texturas, las bufandas en mi cuello. Considero la desnudez algo maravillo de la que no deberia haber tubues. / I feel good naked when I am alone, when I sleep feeling the sheets, walking barefoot, experimenting with different textures, hands and scarves on my neck. I consider nudity a wonder of which there should be no taboos.

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26 Aug 17
ZIP - 56|97M
birthplace: Argentina
occupation: Artist
age: 26
height: 158cm
relationship status: Single
starsign: Escorpio
biggest passion in my life: Descubrir nuevos lugares / Discover new places
I like to listen to: Olas, pajaros, el silencio tambien / Waves, birds, silence too
I like to watch: Jugar con los colores y formas / Playing with colors and shapes
I like to smell: Citricos, madera quemandose, lavanda / Citrus, burning wood, lavender
I like to taste: Naranjas, frutillas, falafel, guacamole y chocolate / Oranges, strawberries, falafel, guac
I like to feel: Me gusta sentir la piel de los animales / I like to feel the skin of animals
favourite part of my body: Mi pelo y mis ojos / My hair and my eyes
favourite part of someone else's body: Los ojos, los brazos / Eyes, arms
Why i shot myself: Nunca lo hice antes, y dije por que no? y fue divertido / I never did it before, and I said why not? And it was fun
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: A nadie de mi familia, jaja / Nobody in my family, haha
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: A la persona que esta en mis pensamientos / The person who is in my thoughts
my website/fav website: Facebook
Most outrageous thing I have done: Nada realmente terrible / Nothing really terrible
Bands I like: The Doors
Books I like: Asi hablo Zarathustra, Seda / Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Silk
Films I like: Tarantino en general / Tarantino in general