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I've been described as quite thin all my life. Very fast metabolism with a body that was clearly built for athletics. I get asked if I climb a lot. A lot of comments of my calves. And in all honesty I'm actually proud of my body, obviously I have insecurities just as the next person but it makes me me and I wouldn't change a thing but only expand in my own self expression through my body.

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27 Dec 17
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28 Apr 18
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birthplace: Perth, WA
currently living in: Australia
occupation: Hospitality
age: 24
relationship status: Single
starsign: Scorpio
biggest passion in my life: Doing what brings me happiness weather it be art & craft, reading or pursuing my career goals
I like to listen to: Some of the good old rock classics
I like to watch: That's a big question. Favourites genres include Horror, Adventure & Action
I like to smell: The scent of freshly picked lavender
I like to taste: Hot chocolate on a cold winter night
I like to feel: Happy and empowered
favourite part of my body: My butt
favourite part of someone else's body: Their chest
Why i shot myself: Because I believe in the cause of the search for inner as well as outer beauty. And being able to express that through the body in any shape or form.
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: My Mum? Hahaha I don't really know
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: I would love to recommend this to a good friend of mine whom I used to work with in a nightclub in Toorak
my website/fav website: Netflix obviously
Most outrageous thing I have done: That's also a big question. I've done a lot of crazy shit
Bands I like: Metallica, The Rolling Stones, The Cure, Led Zeppelin
Books I like: The GoT series, the HP series (currently re-reading), crime fiction, LotR series & many many more
Films I like: Girl Interrupted, HP films, Lord Of The Rings films, anything horror, anything DC or Marvel

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