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I love to be naked and be accepted when I am that. I think I have a good relationship with my body. But sometimes I also can be very shy... it depends on how much control I have. I want to feel I have the control and the power of my body. When I have that, I get turned on and have good sex!

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02 Jul 17
ZIP - 49|107M
birthplace: Uppsala, Sweden
occupation: Hospitality
age: 22
height: 179cm
relationship status: Boyfriend
biggest passion in my life: Music, love!
I like to listen to: My favourite artist at the moment is Lianne La Havas
I like to watch: I like to watch shows on Netflix. I like "How to Get Away with Murder"
I like to smell: The smell is so important for me. I smell everything! I love the smell of sex with someone I love
I like to taste: Cream!
I like to feel: Sex, massages, a warm sea!
favourite part of my body: My lips, my waist
favourite part of someone else's body: Breast, hands, eyes
Why i shot myself: I like the idea. I feel I can be confident and proud of me in this project
Bands I like: Laleh
Books I like: Patti Smith - Just Kids