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I went into this shoot not really knowing the outcome, but I'm coming out of it with more than I ever could have asked for. I looked over my photos this morning and instead of picking out the years worth of flaws all I could see was me and that made me so happy. I looked at my face and I saw rawness and hopefulness and my body shone with everything I did with it. I feel empowered and strong and couldn't be happier with what I produced. I will cherish these photos forever.

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15 Jul 17
ZIP - 35|48M
birthplace: Townsville, Queensland
currently living in: Melbourne
occupation: Student
age: 19
height: 172cm
relationship status: Single
starsign: Libra
biggest passion in my life: To create something I'm proud of and that makes people happy
I like to listen to: Anything that takes me to a different place, movie sound tracks particularly
I like to watch: Theatre shows, real people that bring unreal things to life
I like to smell: Campfires and fresh printed paper - warm and engulfing smells
I like to taste: Salty ocean water, and how good a glass of water tastes after swimming
I like to feel: Like I can't sit still from happiness, I need to run and jump and hug
favourite part of my body: My wrists and chubby cheeks
favourite part of someone else's body: I love strong legs!
Why i shot myself: To preserve my beauty in a way I otherwise wouldn't
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: Someone who isn't personally ready or doesn't want to
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: My Mum
my website/fav website: rhymezone.com
Most outrageous thing I have done: Held a wall sit for 6 minutes one time
Bands I like: Radiohead, Lisa Mitchell, Missy Higgins, Alt J
Books I like: All things that take me to different worlds or teach me things
Films I like: Good soundtracks, subversive, current and politically engaged, also funny
other random stuff:

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