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Bodies are infinitely interesting, the way we grow, change, develop and age. I've found freedom in acceptance over time and I hope that continues on as I age. For now this means body confidence, being free with sexual partners, never wearing pyjamas and leaving the curtains open always! I've had no complaints yet.

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03 Aug 17
ZIP - 42|70M
birthplace: Gosford, Australia
currently living in: Melbourne City
occupation: Artist
age: 35
height: 173cm
relationship status: Imaginary and stable
starsign: Elizabeth Taylor
biggest passion in my life: Making and the process of learning new skills to build
I like to listen to: People mispronouncing words
I like to watch: Bubbles rise in the bathtub
I like to smell: Of bergamot and amber
I like to taste: Other people's dinners
I like to feel: Velvet against my skin
favourite part of my body: My collarbone and the dip in the centre of it
favourite part of someone else's body: On a man...the muscle in the groin
Why i shot myself: I wanted to see what it was like
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: ...seems a bit mean
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: Rosario Dawson
my website/fav website: Tumblr...oh the possibilities
Most outrageous thing I have done: Ran through the streets naked save for zebra body paint
Bands I like: Timber Timbre, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Dr Dog
Books I like: Salvador Dali's Erotic Cookbook, Other Minds, The First Bad Man
Films I like: Being John Malkovich, Brazil!, Holy Motors