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I'm an aggressive progressive, swaying between immense love and anger for this world. I believe that the way for human beings to reach a point of freedom that it must come from the tiny moving parts inside of us all; if we allow ourselves to be moved in our own authenticity then the pain we see outside of us will move into beauty and freedom as well. I consider myself mostly straight and I say mostly because of the love I share with my best friend which is expressed sometimes sexually. As she likes to say, "spaghetti is straight before it's wet." This love we share has opened me up to the joys of innocent physical love and touch without the emotional headfuck that can come from others just seeking a sexual experience. I like to explore my own mechanisms and unravel the cogs that are rusting yet keep this body turning. If I'm not exploring and progressing, discovering and undressing then I'm probably asleep with one of my eye masks from my expanding collection. Seriously, everybody needs an eye mask.

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21 Jun 17
ZIP - 49|66M
birthplace: Sydney, Australia
occupation: Body Piercer
age: 24
height: 5'3"
starsign: Aries
biggest passion in my life: Through dance I know myself, through poetry I recognize truth, through postcards I discover the world in my fingertips
I like to listen to: The rain pattering on my roof and the purrs of my cats as the snuggle up to my chest to keep warm
I like to watch: Attractive boys and girls on the streets of Fitzroy and Brunswick. Seriously Melbourne...hotties!
I like to smell: The lavender in the garden my Grandmother grew at the farm I grew up in
I like to taste: Eggplant dumplings are so delish, you'll miss them when they're not pressed to your lips
I like to feel: Connection to this world which I once saw as vile yet now have endless wonder for
favourite part of my body: My vagina, it is the core of my female kundalini. I have VCH piercing and Bikini Kill tattoo down there so I never forget my own empowerment
favourite part of someone else's body: My best friend has the cutest, most smackable butt. I have a folder in my phone dedicated to it, it is that good!
Why i shot myself: To discover my body in an un-objectified light which I feel I have been conditioned to see it as
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: Pauline Hanson, if her snack pack is anything like her policies I'd imagine it to be vile
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: My best friend, an absolute goddess and badass photographer in her own right
my website/fav website: Google because it is every website yet none all at the same time
Most outrageous thing I have done: I went to a BDSM temple and had my ass canned so hard I had welts and bruising for 2 weeks. Sitting down was missed sorely (pun-intended haha)
Bands I like: INXS was the first band I ever remember hearing, David Bowie is the artist that changed my life and Touche Amore scream my soul to its greatest soothing
Books I like: 1984 affected me so much in the truth of our reality I was physically sick and Just Kids by Patti Smith gave me the courage to perform my poetry
Films I like: Rocky Horror Picture Show took me deep into sexual void and I haven't left since