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I love my body. I decided to love myself and the way my body is many years ago. This experience with ISM has only empowered me to feel stronger and confident with myself and my naked body. I believe all women are goddesses and creators. As a women I feel a very strong connection to the earth and have tried to emulate this in my shoot. I believe there should be no shame to my nudity. I love myself, I love my sexual energy and will never hide it. To have a beautiful relationship with myself, to love myself completely, this is my truest desire.

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20 Apr 17
ZIP - 52|116M
birthplace: England
currently living in: A sanctuary
occupation: Barista
age: 26
relationship status: Loner
starsign: Aries
biggest passion in my life: To always explore and find new adventures. Travel the world, in time
I like to listen to: All different things, but psychedelic eletronic music outdoors is my favourite
I like to watch: I prefer to read
I like to smell: The jasmine that grows in my garden, and fresh basil rubbed together between my hands
I like to taste: Ginger with lemons. Cinnamon and spice
I like to feel: The bark of the trees, the moss on the ground. Wind blowing my hair
favourite part of my body: My eyes
favourite part of someone else's body: Where your back meets your bum
Why i shot myself: I wanted to feel fearless of my naked body and share myself with you
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: No one should be excluded
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: If you want to do it, then I want to see you
my website/fav website: Anything where you can find, buy and listen to music
Most outrageous thing I have done: Climbing up waterfalls and jumping into the crystal clear water below. What a rush!
Bands I like: Warpaint
Books I like: Anything by Robert Heinlem
Films I like: I like really weird movies and themes you can really relate to

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