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Sexual oppression stems from the emergence of class society, when the products of human labour began to be accumulated by a minority, who passed those to their next of kin. Thus began the sexual oppression of women, when women being monogamous was required for men of the exploiting class to know who their children were and hence who to pass those products onto. Sexual oppression persists today because it is integral to profit. Capitalism profits off women being underpaid and doing billions of dollars worth of unpaid household labour, in family units, a social construct made of sexism and homophobia to privatise the raising of the next generation of workers to be exploited for profit, meaning the state saves money having to fit the bill for child-rearing and household duties, which in pre-class societies is done collectively.

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18 Mar 17
ZIP - 54|78M
birthplace: Melbourne, Australia
occupation: Arts Student
age: 21
biggest passion in my life: Political activism
I like to listen to: Almost everything. Soul, funk, house and techno, musical theatre, folk, pop, alt rock
I like to watch: Documentaries about politics, and classic films
I like to smell: Subtle pleasant body odour, it's a thing!
I like to taste: My housemates think I'm addicted to milk
I like to feel: Like I'm making the world a better place
favourite part of my body: Pretty much all of it. My legs, my ass, my tiny boobs, my lips and my smile
favourite part of someone else's body: Waists and chests probably
Why i shot myself: To celebrate my coming to love my body in its natural state, and continuing to learn about my own sexuality
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: Pauline Hanson, except with a gun
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: Susan Sarandon
my website/fav website: Facebook I guess, that's where I follow everything I'm interested in around the world
Most outrageous thing I have done: Stagecrashed the PM and was dragged off by cops
Bands I like: The Clash, Vulfpeck
Books I like: In the Country of Men, To Kill a Mockingbird
Films I like: The Big Short, I Daniel Blake