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I love my body. It is my best and favourite tool. I'm really proud of what it can do. It is healthy and functional and strong. It has given me the opportunity to travel the world. I am so grateful to be given this living, breathing, flesh and blood human body. I love wearing my birthday suit!!

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07 Apr 17
ZIP - 36|57M
birthplace: Shrewsbury, UK
currently living in: A lovely warehouse
occupation: Circus Performer
age: 28
height: 6ft
relationship status: Happily single
starsign: Leo
biggest passion in my life: Nature and people
I like to listen to: Trains going past my room
I like to watch: People growing and changing
I like to smell: My food
I like to taste: Sun-kissed skin
I like to feel: Everything, I love touching things and unusual textures
favourite part of my body: My vagina
favourite part of someone else's body: Crook of the neck
Why i shot myself: Because I love my body and interacting with it
Most outrageous thing I have done: Hmmm...too many to say!
Books I like: Harry Potter (1-7)

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