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I've struggled with body image for a long time, it's been the cause of my lowest points in life, but soon enough you realise that this is you, and there's only one. At the weight I am now I never dreamed I would feel proud or confident, let alone naked, and avoided looking at myself for the longest time. But after shooting myself, and seeing that smile on my face while I pulled the most unflattering poses, being truly comfortable and content in a body I had rejected for so many years gave me such a sense of peace. I actually wanted to be the girl in those photos, and I WAS!

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30 Jan 19
ZIP - 46|15M
birthplace: UK
currently living in: A pit of despair
occupation: Illustrator
age: 22
height: 5'4
relationship status: Open Relationship
starsign: Scorpio
biggest passion in my life: I should say art but right now it's Pokemon Sun
I like to listen to: My cat purring while cuddled up next to me
I like to watch: Whatever will distract me from my work
I like to smell: The 'Vanilla Cupcake' Yankee Candle I can never afford
I like to taste: Katsu curry with a peach ice tea on the side
I like to feel: Horny
favourite part of my body: My hair and my ass (separately)
favourite part of someone else's body: My partner's squishy belly
Why i shot myself: To get to know my body, and feel comfortable showing her off.
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: I dunno, my Gran?
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: Keanu Reeves
my website/fav website: Fakku
Most outrageous thing I have done: Sold my nudes for a pizza
Bands I like: Queen, Daft Punk, Die Antwoord
Books I like: I'm too busy playing video games to read
Films I like: Charlie's Angels (2000) and Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (2003). Just those.