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Artistic, creative, beautiful in more way than one... Ishotmyself. Unexpectedly hard to self shoot the many angles and poses I wanted to created, I still had a lot of fun with this little shoot. Being naked is probably one of my favorite things to be, so it's no wonder this project caught my eye! I think knowing that I could share my body, like so many other gorgeous women on this site, and not feel uncomfortable in any way was really appealing to me. This erotica platform undoubtedly bought me some good times, as well as confidence among other morale boosting feelings. It's simple - let's celebrate the human body, in particular the female form, and why not through an artistic site with hundreds of other sisters around the world!?

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16 Mar 19
ZIP - 36|12M
birthplace: England
age: 24
height: 173cm
relationship status: Single
starsign: Pisces baby!!
biggest passion in my life: Finding happiness within myself and teaching others to do the same! I'm currently obsessed with my health and working to fuel myself with goodness at every opportunity
I like to listen to: The sound of the rain on a roof, near enough to also hear the ocean waves crashing on the shore
I like to watch: I'm not much of a watcher. If I do it's most likely a documentary on the environment
I like to smell: Every night I get home and light my FAV candle in my room - grapefruit, coconut and lime!
I like to taste: Ohhhhh dayum! How can I answer this? There's too many yum flavours in the world!
I like to feel: Well let's be honest, I like being naked and what can you do naked...? ;)
favourite part of my body: I used to love my legs, but I think now it's the part just below the boob and side rib. I like the curve of the bosom and the angle of my rib cage
favourite part of someone else's body: I love the V at the base of the abs on a man and the nape of the neck down to the breasts on a woman
Why i shot myself: Why not!? I want to inspire everyone to LOVE their body!
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: I would like to see all the women in my life take these snaps. It's more about the art and sharing openly our gratitude of being human!
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: My friend Abi. I wonder if it would loosen up her more prudish ways and open her mind to a freer self loving life!
my website/fav website: The yoga journal. It's full of such yummy articles and for me is never boring
Most outrageous thing I have done: I recently popped out of a giant birthday cake for someone's birthday as a favour to a friend. It's a long story but a hilarious one!
Bands I like: It really depends if I am sitting still, creating art, doing yoga or running. I have music for every mood
Books I like: I loved reading Dr Seuss Books growing up! Now I also like The Book Thief or more a more lighthearted Paige Toon story
Films I like: Anything funny, as scary films and me do not mix well. But I do like thrillers or something with a dramatic story line where I am usually asking heaps of questions in the first 5 minutes