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Cada mujer debe ser capaz de expresar su sexualidad y mostrar su cuerpo libremente, sin preocuparse de ser juzgada. Todos debemos amarnos tal cual somos sin que nos importe los stereotipos o modas. Ser una mujer es lo mejor, no duden en disfrutarlo! / Each woman must be able to express her sexuality and show her body freely, without worrying about being judged. We must all love ourselves over any existing fashion or stereotype. Being a woman is beautiful, let's not hesitate to enjoy it!

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18 Apr 18
ZIP - 55|86M
birthplace: Santiago, Chile
age: 30
height: 157cm
starsign: Taurus
biggest passion in my life: Travel and being able to leave everything behind for a new adventure
I like to listen to: Musica desconocida / New music
I like to watch: Como las personas caminan, visten y se comportan / How people walk, dress and behave
I like to smell: Chai tea
I like to taste: Sabores y comidas nuevas / New flavours and all kinds of new food
I like to feel: Amada, libre & loca / Beloved free & wild
favourite part of my body: My back and my waist, I think that curves are so beautiful and that is the biggest curve in me
favourite part of someone else's body: It will depend on the person, everyone have a beautiful and special part and the best part is to get to know that special part
Why i shot myself: Because it has always attracted me to do new things, especially during my travels. In addition, the project seemed beautiful to me.
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: To anyone in particular
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: Every single woman
Most outrageous thing I have done: Left home and all that I had back in my country to travel the World
Bands I like: Gustavo Cerati, The Cat Empire, Massive attack for just name a few...
Films I like: Life of Pi, Pulp Fiction, Batman (The Dark Knight)