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I have always struggled with confidence around body image. I got into modeling as a teenager and it taught me to analyse every angle and every picture. It's taken me a long time to realise that cellulite, small boobs and stretch marks are all normal. Doing this shoot means I remained in control and I feel empowered. I have shared this in the hope that it passes on encouragement to other beautiful ladies. Confidence is sexy after all.

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27 Feb 18
ZIP - 47|74M
birthplace: UK
occupation: Medical records Administrator
age: 29
height: 5'6
starsign: Libra
biggest passion in my life: My biggest passion is probably music. I have traveled far and wide for gigs and festivals
I like to listen to: Most music. Music makes every situation better and there's a song for every emotion
I like to watch: I'm terrible at watching TV and films on my own!
I like to smell: Aftershave on a man, baking cakes and freshly cut grass
I like to taste: Everything
I like to feel: ....myself :) The sun on my skin on a summer's day
favourite part of my body: My eyes
favourite part of someone else's body: Big legs on a man to get hold of - yes please!
Why i shot myself: I shot myself because I finally have some confidence in my body image and projects like this make you feel empowered. You should try it!
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: I would like to see my Mum do this shoot, purely because it means she's becoming more open minded about the world!
my website/fav website: Feck.com.au :)
Most outrageous thing I have done: This shoot and the other projects, 100%! I've loved every second
Films I like: The Green Mile
other random stuff: