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5 facts about me: 1. I am magnificent 2. Like a deep sea fish, Iíve adapted to the crushing pressure and oppressive darkness of life on earth (I have a secret goth heart). 3. Iím proficient in my use of Aussie slang - My favourite word is Ďknackeredí. 4. The only people who know the real me are the ones who deliver UberEats 5. If youíre gonna have naked photos of yourself on the internet, 25 is as good an age as any.

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05 Jul 17
ZIP - 45|62M
birthplace: Melbourne, Australia
currently living in: Melbourne
age: 25
height: I've never measured myself!
relationship status: Waiting until I can clone myself so I can be with the perfect woman
biggest passion in my life: The alien agenda
I like to listen to: Ricky Gervaisí laugh
I like to watch: The hundreds of bats that fly past my apartment window each night
I like to smell: Perfume: Nanban by Arquiste
I like to taste: Smokey booze
I like to feel: Please pat me like Iím a cat
favourite part of my body: Probably one of the tattooed bits
favourite part of someone else's body: The space on their neck, from behind the ear to the collarbone
Bands I like: I only listen to Shakira
Books I like: The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
Films I like: Western movies and science fiction. Bonus points if you combine the two