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I am a passionate artist, always wanting to create and experience new things. I shot myself was a defiantly a new experience for me, I never could of imagined myself doing something like that and to do the shoot was so powerful and liberating - a real eye opener. It was a great way to let go of the insecurities I have about my body and just think FECK IT! From a young age we are told that being naked is WRONG and to dress and act a certain way. This is so WRONG we should be able to embrace our bodies and be proud without shame. After all being naked is the most pure and natural thing there is.

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30 Jun 17
ZIP - 38|74M
birthplace: United Kingdom
occupation: Holistic therapist and artist
age: 25
relationship status: Single and freeeee
starsign: Sagittarius
biggest passion in my life: Art and travel
I like to listen to: The ocean, people laughing and singing
I like to watch: The sunrise and sunset
I like to smell: Wood - freshly wood turned. The smell is so warm and rich
I like to taste: Peanut butter!
I like to feel: My body submerged in water
favourite part of my body: My hands, they are strong and good for massage and art
favourite part of someone else's body: Neck
Why i shot myself: Why not?! It was so liberating to get naked and have fun. Most people's perception of nudity is all wrong. Being naked is natural and pure
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: Donald Trump
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: All my friends
my website/fav website: instagram
Most outrageous thing I have done: Getting naked and diving in a big muddy puddle at a festival
Bands I like: Alt J, The Beatles, Crystal Fighters, Purity Ring
Books I like: Wetlands - outrageous must read!
Films I like: Lord of the Rings, Pulp Fiction, Edward Scissorhands

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