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Nudity had never been a taboo in my family, growing up my mother's favourite beach was always a nudist beach and god love there were never bras worn around the house. But she always taught me that every body is beautiful, and nothing has ever been more true. They say beauty is in the soul, not the body. But they're wrong, it's a part of every single inch of us. Inside and out, no matter how you look. It was easy for me to love myself and my differences because our differences is what makes us beautiful. I did get my breasts done, if you look close enough you can see the scars. Everyone assumes it's because of insecurity, because you're not comfortable with your body. But I'm letting you know, I'd never felt more insecure simply telling people about it. But to me my body, every body it a piece of art. A sculpture. Whether they're lined in gold jewelry, or tattoos. Our scars are cracks in the marble, and every line, every wrinkle, just makes you more captivating.

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20 Mar 17
ZIP - 66|106M
birthplace: Australia
currently living in: Melbourne, VIC
occupation: Au Pair
age: 20
height: 178cm
relationship status: Single
starsign: Aquarius
biggest passion in my life: I haven't found that yet, but I'll keep you posted
I like to listen to: Not that everyone hasn't said it already, but the sound of thunderstorms. Thunder and rain
I like to watch: The stars moving across the sky, bonfires, and the ocean on a stormy day
I like to smell: Coffee grinds any time of the day, and the smell of sea spray in the early morning
I like to taste: Coffee as the sun is rising and tea when it sets
I like to feel: The warmth from fires, and salt water on my skin
favourite part of my body: I always loved my thighs!
favourite part of someone else's body: I always love stomachs, honestly. And underboob, that stuff is a blessing
Why i shot myself: Because nudity, whether it's up for the world to see or just in everyday life, is anything but a bad thing.
who I'd least like to see shoot themselves: Melania Trump
who I'd most like to see shoot themselves: I would love to see anything Xavier Dolan does. Or Eva Green
my website/fav website: Google's got my back
Most outrageous thing I have done: Gone over to America to see someone I haven't even told I love
Bands I like: Angus and Julia Stone, Boy and Bear, Childish Gambino, Chance the Rapper, Chet Faker, really... the list goes on
Books I like: Chuck Palahniuk honestly changed my world
Films I like: Rocky Horror is an all time favourite, anything by Xavier Dolan is a masterpiece, The Dreamers