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Ich bin nackt. Ich bin frei. Ich liebe meinen Körper. Meine Periode. Sie kommt und geht. Wie gut, dass sie genau zu dem Shooting kam, so konnte ich es teilen. Sie sagt so viel Gutes aus. Fruchtbarkeit. Gesundheit. Es ist nichts Schmutziges, eher eine Reinigung und Erneuerung. Und dabei so natürlich. So natürlich wie meine Körperbehaarung. Unter den Armen, an den Beinen und zwischen ihnen. Es gehört zu mir. / I'm naked. I am free. I love my body. My period. She comes and goes. How good that she came to the shoot, so I could share it. She says so much good. Fertility. Health. It is nothing dirty, rather a cleaning and renewal. And so natural. As natural as my body hair. Under the arms, the legs and between them. It belongs to me.

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25 Feb 17
ZIP - 45|62M
birthplace: Cologne, Germany
age: 20
height: 177cm
starsign: Leo
biggest passion in my life: Yoga and martial arts
I like to listen to: Creative jam sessions and good stories
I like to watch: People on the street and animals
I like to smell: Paperbark forests
I like to taste: Fruits and veggies
I like to feel: Water all around me
favourite part of my body: My breasts
Why i shot myself: To show the beauty of the natural body
Most outrageous thing I have done: Booking a one-way flight to Asia and keeping on travelling with no real plan

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