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Want to cancel rebills?

Depending on where you live and when you joined, you may be either a CCBill customer or a GMBill customer. These are third party billing companies which process credit cards and you need to go to the one you joined with, if you want to cancel.

Identifying your Biller

  1. Refer to your welcome email to find your Subscription I.D.
  2. If it's a long number like this: 031118730100384956 you are with CCBill. If it's a number with the prefix ISM like this: ism1988475 you are with GMBill.
  3. Check your credit card statement to see which biller you're with.
  4. Or if you still don't know, just try one biller or the other. You don't need to know your subscription number to cancel, but it does make it quicker.

To cancel rebills, find a lost password or check your account status:

CCBill - https://support.ccbill.com/
GMBill - account lookup

Project_ISM doesn't have your credit card details so please don't email us with account queries - use links above.