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Translation error in July 19th post

As a Swede I got a little curious about the title "Fortsätta spela". Cause for me the word spela is wrong in that context.

The english word play can be translated to two swedish ones - spela and leka. In my way of seeing it the difference is that leka is something you do as child without any major things - such as hide-and-seek but also leka with toys, while spela is used for pretty much the rest - such as music, video games, football, tennis, Trivial Pursuit etc. Butin a sexual context, when you play with a partner or with sex toys, leka is used.

As you can see the contributor used the word leka and not spela when she writes that she texted to a guy.

You do amazing stuff at Feck and keep up the good work!

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Re: Translation error in July 19th post

Hi Expressen!

Ah, very interesting! That would be my mistake. I translated "keep playing" and got "Fortsätta spela" as a result, I was unaware that there were two versions. Should I need to use 'play' in Swedish again, I will now understand which is which. Thanks for drawing my attention to it smile

Thank you for the kind words!


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