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2 sexes, 1 sexual orientation blueprint?

Anatomically most people are either male or female, with an intersex crossover of about 2% of the population. http://oii-usa.org/2563/how-common-is-i … in-humans/

Within each sex there's a spectrum of femininity and masculinity.

Each individual is somewhere on a spectrum of opposite and same sex attraction. All these things can change as we go through life.

The whole system is wonderfully diverse and complex. The diversity allows the species maximum survivability. We’re omnivores and our sexuality can have much of the same adaptability.

Gynosexuality means to desire women.
Androsexuality means to desire men.

My sexuality is mostly Gynosexual and is a very tiny bit Androsexual. It is what I would call a mono sexuality. In a male body it’s gynosexual and in a female body, it's more self focused and wants to be fucked by men. and is mostly andro, and a tiny bit gyno.

I can watch a video of  heterosexual sex and enjoy the thought of being either the male or female. I discovered this, (by amongst other things), the role playing of writing erotic stories.

My suspicion is that many if not most humans have a mono sexuality. That is the same sexual blueprint if you like, that expresses itself differently in different bodies, with all the variations I opened the post with.

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Re: 2 sexes, 1 sexual orientation blueprint?

So. This could be an explanation for why homosexuality is an innate part of human and other species sexuality. Homosexuality would have died out long ago if it was just a trait who's continuation depended on procreative sex.

Having the same sexual orientation blueprint would mean the potential for either sexual orientation exists in pretty much everyone, being expressed by what sex of brain and body you happen to be in. Then if you throw in the the variability of diversity, you will I think inevitably get lots of varying degrees of same sex attraction.

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