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Hi girls

I read yesterday that you lacked activity on the forum, so I decided to write a few words.
I write mostly to you girls sitting behind the desks.
I don't know yet if I have enough to write.
I've been a returning member of ISM BA and IFM since quite a while, 10 years maybe ? not sure...
I'm 42, I'm not good with girls, even if I'm not bad locking, fit and quite smart.

I actually believe I'm afraid of commitment, afraid to be hurt.
Once in a while I've got something going, nowadays. But I've spent years without touching anybody.

Your site provided some consolation which wasn't dirty or cheap.
For your information I'd add, though, that your site messed my eyes up.
After a while being member, I suffered  a wild and vicious eyes syndrom. When faced with somebody my eyes would autonomously wander and check the person out, face, breast, groin...Anything attractive or unattractive, legs, clivage.... Doesn't matter much man or woman.
I'd have trouble avoiding looking at a mans groin !
I'm not attracted to men, even if I notice the attractivity of some men.

This was a real pain, and I was ashamed of it. It didn't help with girls or any social contact.
It was hard getting rid of it, as I was quite addicted to ISM. ISM was the worst because of it's nature, still photography.
Many pictures are so hot in whole, but also in detail. One look, position, breast, location, legs, expression,...Only thinking about them produces a turmoil in my chest. It's so strong !
I mean BA and IFM are very strong too but in a more natural and healthy way, for me at least.
Video doesn't catch perfection as pictures do.

Have you seen Shame ? I can easily identify with the main character, if you take some of the movie's glamour off.

Maybe that's enough for now...




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Re: Hi girls

Hi Claude,

Thankyou for your post, it's so honest and raw. I find people who are open and accepting of their weaknesses and vulnerabilities very strong at heart. We all have insecurities, we all have things we don't like about ourselves, some are just more honest than others. I don't think you should be ashamed of these things - as long as you're kind to yourself as you endeavour to make changes. Pull yourself together man !! You can be whoever you want ! It's okay to lose faith from time to time, but you can't get anywhere in life by giving up and feeling sorry for yourself.

ISM is certainly unique content wise, but also in terms of who we attract - both members and contributors. It's been wonderful to get to know such a variety of sex positive, open-minded, expressive people.

Each individual woman on this site is beautiful, in her own way. Through the folios, you can really get an idea of we are, and admire the beauty that we're presenting to you. It's great to be able to enjoy the female form in such detail, and enjoy the creativity and sexuality these women are expressing. It's certainly changed the way I see things too. I notice the finer details, I see more beauty, I appreciate more. I don't think it's fair however, to transfer this behaviour into everyday life. This is a platform where we are safe and comfortable to share our bodies with you, and we have actively chosen to do so. Day to day we just want be treated like everyone else. One can certainly admire a person based on their aesthetic qualities, but there's more to us than that.

I hope this clears up a few of your concerns, and that you continue to enjoy the work of all the wonderful women on this site !!



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Re: Hi girls

Thank you Sondrine,
I guess you gave it some thought smile


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