#1 September 4th, 2016 09:54 AM


For Lola_K

Lola, you are indeed a pussycat, a decidedly naughty and nice one I should think.

As you like food, perhaps you and your boyfriend would like to explore the Slow Food movement.  Look for restaurants with the Slow Food snail mark of approval.  From Slow Food, it should be an easy move to Slow Sex.  In fact, I recommend that you come to Italy, the birthplace of Slow Food and where you will find the best food and romance. I think the Amalfi Coast in the winter would suit you particularly well, indeed. Give your boyfriend a chance to grow.  I assume there's a reason you loved him in the first place despite the fast sex.  Fast food, fast sex.  Slow Food, Slow Sex.  Italy.

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