Contributor's FAQ

Can you explain the different categories on the site?

PRIMARY is where we publish your first contribution.
RELOAD is any subsequent, solo photo folio.
DUET is a folio you submit with a friend.
OVERLOADs are folios that we don't have space in the schedule to put up as Primaries, and so they're squeezed in as bonus content.
VIDEOS can be submitted after you've done at least one Primary.
HANDS FREE is a tag identifying folios in which the contributor has used a timer or remote shutter.

How do you choose folios? What do I need to be accepted?

All folios which meet the technical requirements in the checklist are accepted and paid for. Do I have to be good looking? Well you are, but it doesn't matter. We don't choose people by the way they look, we just want interesting creative folios from real people.

Do I have to be good looking?

You are, and we dig all kinds, all ages (over 18), all races, natural, inked, hirsute, plus-sized, waifs, alt, queer, whatever. We have contributors up to age 78, at least one in a wheelchair, post-mastectomy, and fashion models. From Tasmania to Tanzania. As long as you're healthy in mind & body and engaged with the idea of Shooting Yourself, we want your folio.

What sort of folios are you looking for?

ISM is about subverting the mainstream. That means we're not really interested in folios that look like Hustler, or mainstream porn ' pouting, stilettos, fake tan, loads of makeup, pinup poses. We want you to express yourself through the photos. We love to see your living space, the place where you live ' show us what your part of the world looks like. We love creative folios, so we offer a $250 art prize every month. But everybody's motive is different and fine art might not be your thing. You can just have fun, be experimental, or you can make porn ' as long as it's original self expression, it's good. We LOVE outdoor folios. Especially if it shows what your part of the world looks like ' the architecture, landscape, and how you live.

What do I have to do to win the art prize?

The art prize is decided by our staff, most of who have fine art degrees. The technical quality needs to be good, but then it's down to originality, or just beautiful images. We judge the whole folio, not just one image, but a few really strong images will count a lot.

What are the age requirements?

You have to be over 18 when each picture was taken and have government issued, photo ID as evidence.

Do I have to be female?

Ishotmyself is for people with vaginas, however you acquired it :)

Can I send you pictures of somebody else or get someone else to take my pics?

Maybe you should read the name of the site again.

Can I use a remote or timer?

Not for your first folio, but you can for Reloads. Until 2016, we had a strict policy on this because it makes it difficult to tell if you took the shots yourself. However we've now added the "Hands Free" option, but with some restrictions to ensure the integrity of the site. The main one is, you can move the camera only twice. That means your folio may comprise up to 3 'scenes', but the camera must not move within each scene. If you have a remote control and we can see your camera in a mirror, you can shoot any way you like.

What about a tripod?

Yes, tripods help get sharp pictures, especially in low light. You can use a tripod while pressing the shutter manually, or while shooting "hands free".

I've been photographing myself naked for years. Can I send you some of those?

Yes! We love folios like that. Your folio doesn't have to be on a common theme or shot in one session. Just as long as you're over 18 in every photo and took them all yourself. It helps us a lot if you can make them all the same size.

How nude do I have to get?

Completely naked. If you feel like concealing your nudity by crossing your legs, using a fig leaf or only photographing the upper part of your body ' then you probably shouldn't submit at all. ISM is about letting go of all your inhibitions. You may keep on your shoes or socks or wear accessories like a hat or gloves. Also, if you're shooting outdoors, it might not be practical to fully remove your clothes; some of the most exciting folios on the site were shot in public, by flashing or shooting up skirt or down top, without underwear. If we can see your 'bits', we count that as nude. Don't waste pictures of your fully clothed self. We would only use 1, maybe 2 of those.

What formats do you accept?

We accept digital images in .jpg format, at minimum 1600x1200 resolution. Pretty much any digital camera with at least 2 megapixels will give you that.
Please submit the images "off the camera", that is, don't crop or photoshop them.

Can I use my phone camera?

Yes, now that phone camera quality has improved a lot, we can accept pictures done that way ' as long as the quality is comparable with regular cameras. Phone cameras don't work as well in low light, so shoot outdoors. Use the highest quality setting. Refer to the checklist on the Submission page for the technical requirements. If the images are less than about 100Kbytes in size, they are probably too compressed, and the quality not good enough.

You may also use a Selfie Stick.

How much do I get paid?

The rate is US$200 per folio or video, or US$150 per contributor for a Duet folio. Plus, you earn Feckshare bonuses when your folio is published ' on a per-click basis. (Feck is the company which runs this site.) As far as we know, we're the only company on the net which pays a full folio fee plus bonuses as well. Note: Contributors in Australia are paid in AUD at a rate which may not be exactly equivalent to the US dollar amounts ' you email our office for AUD rates.

Where can I find out more about Feckshare bonuses?

When do I get paid?

As soon as we've received all your images, paperwork and ID, and it meets the requirements. Usually within a 1 or 2 days of everything being accepted.

What payment methods do you use?

We mainly use Paypal, which is the quickest, cheapest way of transferring money between countries. If Paypal isn't available in your area, we can use Western Union, but we deduct their fee from your payment (just as Paypal deduct a fee when you receive it). For Australian contributors, we can do a domestic bank transfer.

The Release form says I've already been paid, how can I sign that when you haven't paid me yet?

It also says we can't publish the images until you've been paid, so you're protected. If you have any doubts, google us to check our reputation. Nobody has had a complaint yet.

Can I submit again?

Everybody is eligible to submit once to ISM but further submissions are requested according to how many folios we have in stock, and how successful your first folio was.

What is the deal with Duets?

You have to have submitted a Primary folio before you can do a Duet. Your partner for a Duet can be your partner, male or female, or another ISM contributor. (If your parneter is cis-female, they need to have done a Primary folio before submitting a duet with you). You need to submit twice the quantity of pictures (240 minimum) so we can split the release over 2 site updates. You don't both need to be in every picture together, you can take some of each other as well. The technical requirements still apply. Your partner has to also submit a Release and Bio.

What about the Videos, can I submit one of those?

Yes everyone can submit a video after they have submitted a primary folio.

What are the requirements for Video?

You don't need to hold the camera yourself ' you can get a friend to help. But the theme should be yours. We need about one hour of video, in which you're naked for most. You can edit it yourself in which case we just need 2 chapters of about 4~6 minutes each. Or, send us the raw file and our clever editors will do the rest. The video size must be at least 1920 x 1080 pixels and of good quality. The sound needs to be clear. You can't use copyright music, or even have it playing in the background. You'll find more info on the ISM Video page.

What sort of videos are you looking for?

Anything that shows your personality, and obviously with nudity. Some of the best videos have some public nudity (do this at your own risk and be mindful of your local laws, and have somebody to look out for you). If you have a skill, a 'how to' theme can work well. Getting messy with food, smashing something up'

Who owns the copyright for my pictures?

Once we've paid you, we own the copyright. We don't mind you using a few for private use, as long as you get them from the site so they have our site logo. But you can't make money from them through any other channels, including other web sites, and you can't allow them to appear anywhere else on the internet (unless you're promoting your contribution to Ishotmyself, that is encouraged and can earn you bonuses). And of course you can't submit a folio which has already been published elsewhere, or which somebody else has copyright over.

What will you do with my pictures?

Publish them on We don't sell pictures to other sites. Occasionally we release a limited number of images from a folio for promotional use by affiliates, but you can request to be excluded from that. We may publish a book of the best of ISM at some stage.

What happens if you don't like my folio?

If you've met most of the requirements on the checklist, but your folio doesn't quite make the grade, we'll email you and let you know what needs fixing up. You should read all the info carefully and make it count, first time, so we don't have to ask you to start again.

I sent you my folio and never heard back.

If it's obvious you didn't read any of the info and didn't really try, we don't treat it as a genuine submission.

What is your contact info?

If you have any questions about Shooting Yourself, use the form below. We don't do phone support due to time zone issues, besides it's easier to sort out things through email. Note: If your email address is Hotmail or Outlook, our reply will probably land in your Junk folder, because they disapprove of what we do ' so check that.

Any Questions?