Folio Submission page

So you want to get naked on the internet? Well this is by far the best place to do it. At Ishotmyself your pictures will be treated with the respect you deserve - you'll get paid US$200 up front - AND you'll earn monthly per-click bonuses from our Feckshare program. And there's also a $250 Art Prize up for grabs every month.

Submitting a folio is a step by step process. It's easy, but please follow every step exactly or you might waste your time shooting a folio we can't use.

IF YOU ARE AN EXISTING CONTRIBUTOR: We do accept Reloads (more folios from the same contributor) but only by request. Usually we wait until your first folio is published. If you'd like to shoot again, please contact us here and make a request, before you do your shoot. Don't forget to include your full name. We also accept Duets - folios you shoot with a friend or partner. Email for more info.

Tick each step as you go through the list - at the end you'll arrive at an Upload page to submit your files.

The first thing you need to do is understand the concept of ISM. Still, we get people submitting pictures from their modeling portfolio or random social photos. If you've got this far and you still don't get that Ishotmyself is not a modeling site, and that we aren't choosing contributors by their looks, well, now you know. You should have a good look at the site, and go through the About page, Free Tour, Contributor's FAQ and Tutorial.

Note: We are currently not accepting shoots with a bath or shower theme, thanks!


I've read all the information linked above and I understand what is required.


I have at least 120 unique, nude photos ready to submit. They're all sharp, in focus, and not grainy. The light is good. (you must read this info about light before you shoot )


I took all the pictures myself. If I used the timer, I have not moved the camera more than twice during that part of the shoot. (You may mix handheld and "hands free" methods in your shoot). NOTE:  Your first shoot must be handheld, no timers or tripods please :)


I used a good quality camera, not a webcam.


I am fully, confidently naked in all the photos, not concealing my nudity, and I photographed all parts of my body. (see the FAQ for more detailed info on this. You can submit photos with your clothes on, but the won't be counted in the 120 minimum.)


I didn't conceal my face, for example with a mask, face paint, shadows or by cropping.


The pictures are all the same size; and not be cropped to non standard shape. They are at least 1200 pixels on the shortest side. (eg 1600 x 1200 pixels if you have a point & shoot camera; 1800 x 1200 if you have an SLR.)


My pictures are in colour (you can request the folio to be published in B&W if it suits the images but always shoot in colour).


I'm engaged with the camera (we don't count pictures where you're distracted, squinting, frowning or bored.)


I have scanned 2 forms of ID, and at least one of them is official government ID (license, passport, identity card).


I have filled out a Release Form and have printed, signed and scanned it.


Once all of the previous steps are checked, click the button below to continue.